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Hey Ho: A Flavor of Love Retrospective

Jan 25, 2019

She shit on his floor man...she shit on his floor! After the food the girls try giving Flav this week, he would probably shit on a floor as well. Actress, Improvisor, and "Producer" Alexsis Page joins us this week to discuss Episode 2 of the Second Season of Flavor of Love!

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Jan 16, 2019

The fellas are back in the basement with a whole new season of Flavor of Love. Join us as we judge 20 new ladies that are vying for Flav's attention! Local comedian, elevator journeyman, and former Office Associate Option 2 Ty Poppenhouse joins us as well!

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Jan 4, 2019

Finally, the final episode of Season 1 of Flavor of Love is here!! We accomplished something! Thank you so much for listening to the first season of Hey Ho: A Flavor of Love Retrospective. We will be coming back soon with the first episode of season 2 soon! We are taking a week of in between seasons, so catch us the...