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Hey Ho: A Flavor of Love Retrospective

Dec 27, 2018

It's the finale to Season 1 of Flavor of Love! Will it be new york or hoopz, Hoopz or New York, NEW YORK OR HOOPZ?!?! This episode is a doozie!! We (let's be honest, mostly Trevor) talks a lot of crap and makes many off-color jokes that have to be edited out. That doesn't stop it from being one of the best episodes...

Dec 19, 2018


It's a god damn clip show! We watch with local comedian Josh Freeman who has no idea what's happening. We also list off the Top 10 Most Successful Crackheads. You don't want to skip this one!


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Dec 11, 2018


The ladies' parents come along on some dates with Flav, we get to meet Sister Patterson (hallowed be her name), and then the spit incident happens!!!! This episode is a banger!!


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Dec 5, 2018

Flav is taking the girls on vacation 2 at a time, then he's staying the night with one of each pair! Who's it going to be? Are they gonna bang? Stay tuned!


This episode is a re-record. The original recording was never saved. Rosa Speaker phoned in from home to be on this episode. We also didn't watch the episode...

Nov 26, 2018

This episode was so was like a fever dream. I remember we talked about old dating shows like Next and Blind Date, then Celebrity Boxing and Joe Rogan Knock-Offs. But I couldn't tell you what happened on this episode of Flavor of Love. 


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